Film Fun Begins in Robinvale!

Pacific Stories – Harmony on the Murray has kicked off with style. We now have eight new filmmakers who are busy developing their films and learning the ins and outs of the filmmaking business. After two days they have already been behind the camera filming and working as a film crew. Look out for workshop photos to come.

Also, we have been welcomed by the community and had the chance to meet the parents and families of participants at a BBQ on our first night here – it was just like a family BBQ! Check out the photo.

Last night we were fortunate to attend the Robinvale Harmony Committee meeting to hear about community activities and projects happening within Robinvale such as programs for young people and Harmony Day. We are very thankful to everyone who has made us so welcome including the Principal, staff and students at Rovinvale P-12 College as well as everyone at Rovinvale Network House. And our project wouldn’t be possible without the support of the Swan Hill Rural City Council and Rural Arts Victoria.


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