Pacific Stories screens to raise funds for project in the Solomon Islands

Pacific Stories in association with Multicultural Arts Victoria is proud to present a night of film, storytelling and fun at the Wantok Stori Film Fundraiser Event, 30 March in Footscray, Melbourne.

This event will raise funds for the Wantok Stori – Culture In Harmony with Nature project which is a film collaboration and exchange project between Victoria and the Solomon Islands that explores and celebrates the diversity of Pacific cultures. As part of the project Solomon Island and Australian Pacific communities will come together to produce a film on culture and the environment for the upcoming Festival of Pacific Arts.

Wantok Stori invites Solomon Islanders and Pacific Islanders in Victoria, Australia to
join an online discussion of the Festival theme: Culture in Harmony with Nature: This project aims to energise a discussion on the big
issues facing Pacific Islanders living at home and overseas – and then make a film
about it to screen at the Festival in July.

Wantok Stori is led by independent producers and film makers Amie Batalibasi (SI/
Victoria), Lisa Hilli (PNG/Victoria), Adriel Tahisi (SI), with support from Festival of
Pacific Arts Organising Committee, One News, Solomon Islands Victorian
Association, Multicultural Arts Victoria, Youthworx Media and coordination by
Samantha Cooper (AUS).

“This project is a perfect chance to tell and share contemporary Pacific Islander
stories by Pacific Islanders. As well, Australian Pacific Islander communities will be
able to make connections with Pacific Islander communities in the Solomon Islands
enabling us to share stories, share culture and share skills.” Amie Batalibasi said.

The project partners said that the project is part of long term plans to strengthen
partnership between Solomons and Pacific communities in Australia, especially in the
area of arts and culture.

“The Wantok Stori project is important as it will show the different perspectives and
issues that relate to and concern all Pacific Islanders, whether they live in their
homeland or in Australia.” Lisa Hilli said.

In April 2012 One News film makers and the five young people will be supported by
Amie Batalibasi and Lisa Hilli to create the film over two weeks. They will use the
online discussion as inspiration, to capture a range of views and ideas about the theme.

Amie is co-facilitator of Pacific Stories & Lisa is a Pacific Stories 2011 filmmaker who wrote and directed the Pacific Women’s Weaving Circle short documentary.


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