Pacific Stories – The next stage

Happy New Year from the Pacific Stories crew! We trust that you have had happy holidays and enjoyed some Summer sunshine!

2011 sure was a big year year for us with the inception of the Pacific Stories project, recruiting, months of workshops, scriptwriting, shooting & editing to produce the series of short films for the Pacific Stories DVD. Credit to the eight filmmakers and all involved. Also, thanks to Multicultural Arts Victoria for their ongoing support. As we keep saying, this is by no means, the end. We are continuing to promote the films and the DVD so that it can be seen far & wide. We are hoping to have the Pacific Island Premiere screening at the Festival of Pacific Arts in the Solomon Islands this year in July – stay tuned for more details (fingers crossed that this goes ahead). Also, many of the Pacific Stories filmmakers are now embarking on their own film projects in 2012.

Other exciting news is that we have been successful in securing funding from Regional Arts Victoria to expand on the Pacific Stories concept and work with a group of young people from Indigenous and Pacific Islander backgrounds in Robinvale Victoria to produce another series of short films. This project will be called Pacific Stories – Harmony on the Murray. Through workshops we will cover storytelling, culture and identity and use film as the medium explore these concepts. We have created partnerships with Robinvale Neighbourhood House & Robinvale High School and have support from Swan Hill City Council.  This project is in the very initial stages but we are very excited to see what happens and hope that you will be there to follow the journey through this blog and the Pacific Stories Facebook page.

Thanks for your support in 2011 and we look forward to bringing you more news about Pacific Stories 2011 and Pacific Stories – Harmony on the Murray in 2012.

Amie Batalibasi & Lia Pa’apa’a


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