On the home straight…

We have had our heads buried in computers lately – check out the photos! Editing is such a time consuming part of the filmmaking process but participants are well on the way. We thank the Moondani Balluk Indigenous Unit at Victoria University for editing facilities support.

So the end is near after hours of digitizing, cutting, trimming, sub-titling and adjusting.  But once these Pacific Stories films are edited and a DVD is made, we know that it’s really just the beginning.  Our World Premiere Pacific Stories Screening event is scheduled for June 25 in Melbourne (Bookings now closed) – a unique Pacific style event sure to warm your winter blues; and we have had an idea to tour the program of films (providing we can get some funding). Please let us know if you would like to host a Pacific Stories Screening event in your area – we know already from Facebook discussions that some PI crew in Sydney are keen.

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We have also been busy promoting our screening as part of Multicultural Arts Victoria’s Emerge Festival and today Lia, John and I participated in an interview for the Age newspaper! We will let you know when the article is out. And so we are continuing to spread Pacific Stories as far and wide as possible and we look forward to sharing them with you soon! Tagio Tumas,

Amie Batalibasi


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