Pacific Stories hits Melbourne city

This week we hit the city for some learning and inspiration. At ACMI’s Screen World exhibition we had time to experience many of the interactive video installations like ‘the Matrix booth’ where you can video yourself jumping in the air (like Keanu does in the movies) and then email yourself the video! There was so much to see in this exhibition including a history of film and TV in Australia that spans from some of the first film recorded in the Torres Straight right up to the digital age with Reality TV and the internet.

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After a yummy lunch in China town we headed to NGV’s Unerved – The New Zealand Project. It was a chance to see stories told using many different types of visual mediums other than film (although there were some great films too!) – sculpture, photography, mixed media.  By the end of the day I think we were all exhausted but happy to have our heads filled with new ideas, perspectives and stories.

These are both free exhibitions so if you are in Melbourne, check them out at Australian Centre for the Moving Image at Federation Square and National Gallery of Victoria.


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