Pacific Stories says Hapi Niu Yia to all the Pacific brothers and sistas out there!  We are so excited about what this year will bring to our project.  We started the year off with a workshop on Saturday Jan 15. It is always such a pleasure to see such a diverse group of Pacific Islanders in  the one room.  Some of the Pacific islands represented in our group are Fiji, Solomon Islands, PNG, West Papua, Samoa, Tonga, the Torres Straight Islands, Vanuatu.

As the weeks progress we will be discussing topics like Representation of Pacific people in the Media; Traditional & Modern Pacific Storytelling. And we will be going through the filmmaking process from scriptwriting to editing. We can’t wait to see the Pacific Stories that emerge.

For those not enrolled we ENCOURAGE you to please comment here and interact with our FACEBOOK Pacific Stories group.  Post YOUR photos, YOUR stories and ADD to the discussion board: (click here)

Cheers, Amie Batalibasi
Pacific Stories Co-Facilitator

Stay tuned and spread the news about Pacific Stories!


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