Photos that tell a story…

Last week we heard stories of migration from PNG, Solomon Islands, Samoa, Mexico, England & the Torres Straight through photos, video, drawings, written text and stories.  Participants then armed themselves with a still camera and set about taking a series of photos to tell a story.  And now that holidays are here, we have set the task to document your holidays and tell a Pacific Story through a series of photos.  If you would like to contribute to this, please go to our Pacific Stories Facebook group (click here). Happy Holidays! Cheers, Amie Batalibasi


2 thoughts on “Photos that tell a story…

  1. There are some great photos being put up on the site –the older photos always make we wonder about the subjects’ lives–what they thought, felt, what worried them etc. So many stories have been lost but they themselves never will be for their blood still flows strong in their children’s and their children’s children’s’ veins.
    Wish I were in Melbourne.(sort of)

  2. Thanks for your comment. Its so true that the photos tell a story and make you wonder! Don’t forget that even if you are not in Melbourne you can still contribute photos to the Facebook group or add to the Discussion section. Great to hear from you.

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